St.James Street has been named Manitoba's worst road — again.

The pothole-laden road in Winnipeg topped the list of votes in CAA's annual poll. This is the third year CAA has conducted its poll and second time St. James has taken the title.

It was crowned worst road in 2012 as well and placed second in 2013 to Brandon's Victoria Avenue (which took eighth place this year).

“If you’ve driven on St. James Street in the past few months, you know why,” said Mike Mager, CEO of CAA Manitoba.

“Nearly 900 votes were cast for this road alone, citing complaints like traffic congestion, traffic light synchronization, pedestrian safety and of course, potholes.”

CAA spokeswoman Angele Faucher said the No. 2 street on the list is First Street in Winkler. But the problem there is not so much with the road's condition as the need for a four-way stop.

The Top 10 list is based on more than 5,000 votes cast on 528 streets during CAA's four-week online voting campaign that began in March.

While it is obvious there are many bad roads in the province, the good news is it appears the provincial government is paying attention, Faucher said.

"We're so pleased that eight out of the 10 roads on our worst roads list this year are actually going to see a shovel in the ground during this construction season, so that tells us that governments are listening."

Manitoba’s Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton said portions of Winnipeg's Ness Avenue, Pembina Highway, and Berry Avenue, as well as Highway 10 and Victoria Avenue in Brandon will be worked on this coming construction season.

The province is also working with the city of Winkler to resolve the traffic concern on First Avenue.

The CAA top 10 worst roads list, in order:

Location Votes
St. James Street – Winnipeg 883
1st Street – Winkler  536
Ness Avenue – Winnipeg 356
Pembina Highway – Winnipeg  350
Highway 10 309
Highway 34 191
Inkster Boulevard 156
Victoria Avenue – Brandon  153
Empress Street – Winnipeg 108
Berry Street - Winnipeg  82