Repairs to the Sherbrook Pool have yet to get underway, as the city waits to hear if provincial funding is coming.

The city has committed $1.7-million to refurbish the 81-year-old West End facility.

The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg has donated an additional $1-million for the project.

Property and Planning chair Coun. Jeff Browaty said he's not sure where the Manitoba government is on its planned contribution.

"We don't need to have the cheque in the mail, but we need to have written confirmation that the province is on side — apparently that hasn't been received."

Browaty doesn't believe the project is threatened with major delays yet, but he said time is running out to meet a 2015 deadline to complete repairs.

"Honestly I can't tell you. It would be nice to proceed with the Sherbrook Pool,” he said. “The people in the Daniel McIntyre community have said they want to see this amenity re-opened. We've got the support of the Kinsman, and we are ready to go."

A spokesperson for the province said a funding announcement for the repair of the pool is imminent and won't delay construction.