Russians who call Winnipeg home watched the opening ceremonies Friday with pride.

Evgeni Morduhovich, who owns Russki Foodski Wholesale Foods on Main Street, said despite concerns about security, partly completed facilities and human rights, the Olympics will be good for Russia.

He said the media is blowing those issues out of proportion.

Morduhovick said the games will be "luxurious" for both athletes and visitors.

His wife, Vanessa, said Russians are thrilled their home country has the honour of hosting the games.

"Russia is really known for putting on great cultural events, so hosting this should be really fun for them," she said. "We're excited to see it."

Morduhovich said the focus should be on the athletes, not the politics.

"In any major event, there's always politics and controversy," she said. "I think they need to focus on what's important - which is the sport that's going on."

Evegeni dodged, for now, the question of which hockey team he'll be cheering for, Russia's or Canada's.

He said he's not picking a team until one of them makes it to the finals, and he hopes both do.

But in that case, he admits, his loyalities will lie with Russia.

A group of Russian Winnipeggers plans to get together Friday night at a local pub to watch the games.