Ken Nawolsky, the City of Winnipeg's new insect control boss, says he's not a bug expert but he does have the expertise needed to head up the department.

Nawolsky spoke to reporters on Thursday afternoon, after the city announced it has hired him to replace Taz Stuart as superintendent of the insect control branch.

Stuart left the position under mysterious circumstances in September.

Nawolsky's appointment marks the first time the city's insect control branch is not run by an entomologist.

On Thursday, Nawolsky said he does have a science degree, he has worked in the insect control field for years, and runs several programs for the city.

"So working six years and doing that provides me with that necessary scientific background that was considered one of the requirements in the former city entomologist's job," he said.

The extra skill he brings as superintendent is as a manager, Nawolsky said, adding that he will help the department battle Winnipeg's mosquitoes and other nuisance insects.

Stuart had held the job for nine years before he parted ways with the city, but both he and city officials are remaining mum about why Stuart is no longer with the city.

Before Stuart, Randy Gadawski and the city also parted ways for unknown reasons.