The Manitoba Theatre for Young People in Winnipeg is being described as being on life support as a result of money troubles.

The theatre at The Forks has been in financial difficulty for some time but this week, staff were told the paycheques weren't coming. At least not until next week.

'The organization is almost on life support.' —Board member Jim Ingebritsen

Board member Jim Ingebritsen understands the staff are upset but said grant money is expected to come in next week.

"Obviously they're upset, angry and I certainly would be too if I was one of them. I mean, it's the first of March and people have payments, rent, mortgage," he said.

While the cheques should be in next week, there remains bigger issues that must be dealt with to keep the theatre running, Ingebritsen said.

"It's not just a matter of putting Band-Aids on little cuts anymore. The organization is almost on life support," he said.

Parents who have children in theatre classes shouldn't worry, the classes and performances will continue this season, he added.

However, they may need to be scaled back for next year.