The City of Winnipeg has plans to give Kilcona Park a makeover – and it looks like the price tag for the changes won’t be cheap.

A special committee heard details Thursday and approved a six-year-plan to revamp the park that would cost $25-million.

Upgrades would include fencing off the dog park, better parking, improving the dock at Harbour View, the addition of a new sports field and more walking trails — changes the city's project manager Rob Zenewich said are long overdue.

Kilcona Park

Adam Kolisnyk walks his dog through Kilcona Park' off-leash dog park. A committee approved a $25-million plan Thursday for upgrades to the park. (CBC)

“We've heard from the community they would like to see renovation ... in the park and make more areas more usable and accessible,” said Zenewich.

Currently Kilcona Park is used as an off-leash dog park and a variety of other recreational activities by community members.

Kilcona Park

The proposed changes would involve the addition of a new sports field. (CBC)

“I can let her go and run around, be free — something that we can't do in our backyard,” said Adam Kolisnyk, who regularly takes his dog to the park.

But some of the facilities and structures are in poor shape.

Kilcona Park

Renovations would also include the creation of new and improved walking trails through the park. (CBC)

Sam Tourond was not impressed by the state of the park.

“We came from across the city to use it and it's not quite what we expected,” said Tourond.

Coun. Jeff Browaty championed the planned improvements.

Kilcona Park

This artist's conception of the plans features some of the recreational winter uses of Kilcona Park following its proposed upgrades. (CBC)

“Having that type of regeneration in our quadrant, I think it's our fair share and our time,” said Browaty.

Because the changes aren't coming cheap, the city is looking for private partners to help fund the renovations, which would lessen the cost to taxpayers.

The prospect of having the park overhauled, big price tag and all, is exciting to Rita Suarez.

“It would be a great idea to fix it up and bring it back to its original state or even better,” said Suarez.

The $25-millon plan is now awaiting final approval from city council.