With the summer solstice just days away and the winter but a not-so-distant memory, signs of Winnipeg’s weathered roads are rearing their wholly heads.

Winnipeg drivers and cyclists are bearing the brunt of pothole season, now in full effect.

”They are everywhere,” said Ashley Merta. “They are terrible.”

Merta said Winnipeg’s pothole problems seem worse than years past and they’re taking a toll on her vehicle.

“The tires, the struts, the suspension, everything. Some places you're driving in, like, St. James, and you're scared you are going to lose a tire or wheel when you're driving,” said Merta.

Cyclists are succumbing to the craters, too.

“Potholes are kind of the thing that will unite cyclists and motorists,” said Josh Lindal, a bike courier at Natural Cycle.

Lindal said potholes seem to be posing a greater threat than past years.

“If there's potholes in our path … we don't have a lot of room to move around, we will have to end up moving into a lane of traffic,” he said. “And cars are often not expecting us to be there.”

A spokesperson with the city said typically after continuous rain like Winnipeg experienced this weekend, areas beneath a road surface can become saturated and lead to more potholes.

City crews are out inspecting problem areas and repairing potholes daily with asphalt.