Winnipeg's frozen water pipes problem just keeps growing, with the number of properties waiting for pipe-thawing now exceeding 1,100.

The City of Winnipeg announced Friday that 1,119 homes and businesses — up 30 from Thursday — are on the waiting list for crews to thaw their frozen pipes.

Another 5,447 properties have been identified as being at risk of their pipes freezing up. The owners of those properties are being asked to run a cold-water tap at a trickle to prevent their pipes from freezing.

The city says in total, it has received 1,817 reports of frozen water pipes since November.

Just under 700 properties have had their water service restored.

Homeowners who don't have running water can ask the city to connect a temporary hose line to a neighbour's water supply, provided that the neighbour agrees to it and an authorization form is submitted to the city.

As well, citizens can fill up reuseable jugs with potable water at Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service stations across the city between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.