Winnipeggers who have had to keep their water taps running to prevent frozen pipes can stop now, as officials say the city's frozen pipes problem is pretty much over.

It's unlikely that water pipes will freeze up at this time, and crews have not found any frost in excavations since June 19, said Tim Shanks, the city's manager of water services.

Notices will be sent to the approximately 10,000 properties that had been ordered earlier this year to keep their taps running at a trickle, letting residents know they can finally turn those taps off.

The affected properties include 2,596 where frozen pipes had been reported since November and 7,320 properties that were identified as having a higher risk of pipes freezing.

Shanks said 13 properties are still listed as having frozen water pipes, but they are either vacant or the city cannot confirm if the pipes there are still frozen or if other plumbing issues are involved.