Winnipeg's cricket community thrilled with new pitch

Winnipeg's cricket community is chirping with glee over its new pitch.
Winnipeg cricket players show the CBC's Margaux Watt how to play cricket. 1:03

Winnipeg's cricket community is chirping with glee over its new pitch. 

A new artificial turf cricket pitch opened Sunday on the school grounds of Elwick Community School in The Maples.

Alexander Singh, 19, a cricket coach and player in the Maples, is ready to play on the new artificial turf pitch. (Margaux Watt/CBC)
It's the first of its kind in the city. 

Families from the city's Indian, Pakistani and Afghani communities flocked to see it.

Winnipeg's seven other pitches in the city use large, heavy mats.

Maples Community Centre cricket chair and coach, Kamta Roy Singh, said it used to take kids an hour to get the field ready. But not any more. 

"With this now, this artificial turf, we don't have to worry. It's already in place. It's ready to play. If you have rain, in ten minutes you have sun, it's ready to play. Kids don't have to worry about the labour anymore," he said. 

From left to right, Kamta Roy Singh, Cricket Chair, Alexander Singh, player and coach, and Derek Dabee, Vice-President Maples Community Centre and Seven Oaks School Division trustee. Singh said the new pitch will mean less work for the players, and more fun, especially for the children. (Margaux Watt/CBC)
Singh said the new pitch will mean a lot to the community, because it's a way to keep the tradition of playing the sport alive for the children. 

"They're ready to play, and that makes a big difference," he said. "Knowing today with our generation, kids don't want to do anything, the easier you can make it for them, that it's a possibility in their lives. So this is really massive."