Winnipeg's towing companies are in overdrive when it comes to calls for cold engine boosts or batteries, with at least one company claiming its busiest day in 40 years.

Crane Towing received more than 600 calls for service on Monday, said Jennifer Tennant, who owns the business with her husband.

"It's insane, but I gotta give props to our drivers. They're wonderful," she said.

"They're sort of the crazy bunch of guys that love this weather and trying to keep it light, too, right? It's a stressful time for people who are phoning in."

Tennant said despite having to wait for hours, most customers are generally happy to see the drivers.

"They're not, for the most part, screaming and being upset," she said.

"You get the odd one that's a little bit challenging, but for the most part they're great."

Crane's 20-plus drivers are putting in 12-hour days, but many are already planning winter getaways when it warms up, said Tennant.

The mercury did not budge above –26 C in Winnipeg on Monday, and with the wind chill it felt more like –40 or colder during the day.

People in the city can expect similar temperatures on Tuesday, with a forecast daytime high of –24 C, according to Environment Canada.