Winnipeg drivers, beware: if you're not being careful on the road, you might end up in YouTube videos being shot and posted by a local university student.

Mark Iskander has been using a video camera, installed on the dashboard of his vehicle, to film examples of bad driving this winter.

"I got this for insurance purposes," he said of the dashboard camera.

"I thought maybe if I crash and someone's lying to MPI, then I could give them the video … so they'll be able to prove who's at fault."

He has been editing the footage into a series of videos, called "Winnipeg's Worst Drivers," that he has been posting online.

Iskander said he is thinking of submitting his videos to police.

But despite seeing some instances of bad driving, Iskander said Winnipeg motorists are generally not as bad as those in some other cities.

"I think as a whole, we're actually not that bad. I went to Miami Beach and those people don't know what lanes are, they don't know how to signal for anything. The police there [are] actually really busy," he said.

"Compared to other major cities, Winnipeg is actually pretty tame."