Winnipeg's Archangel Fireworks hit by Quebec explosion

The explosion of a Quebec fireworks factory will have a direct impact in Winnipeg.
Archangel Fireworks expects supplies at its retail store to be reduced as a result of the explosion near Montreal. (Google Street View)

The explosion of a Quebec fireworks factory will have a direct impact in Winnipeg.

A plume of smoke rising from the fireworks factory in Quebec on Thursday was visible for kilometres. (CBC)

Products at Archangel Fireworks, a local retailer which also stages award-winning pyrotechnic shows across the country — including the big Canada Day and New Year's Eve shows in Winnipeg — could suddenly be in short supply.

General manager Candace Mitchell said she is very concerned about the explosion Thursday morning at BEM Fireworks in Coteau-du-lac, about 50 kilometres from Montreal.

She said her first thought was to company-owner Barnard Masson and his staff. Her second thought was about making sure her staff remain safe.

"It's a reminder that we work with explosives and unfortunately this kind of stuff is possible and it can happen," she said.

"We had a quick meeting this morning and just reminded everybody to make sure they're lifting their feet and not dragging their boxes and you know, it brings safety back to the forefront for sure."

Mitchell says they have all their professional supplies for the year, so Canada Day fireworks will go on as usual. But the explosion will cut off a major supply of non-professional fireworks shows across the country because BEM is one of only a couple distributors in the country.

In fact, Archangel was expecting a shipment from the company on Thursday.

The biggest hit to the company will be on the retail end, where the public buys fireworks at Archangel's Pembina Highway store.