The second and final week of Folklorama, Winnipeg's version of a trip around the world, came to an end Saturday night.

Debra Zoerb, Folklorama executive director, said this year’s celebration was a success.

“It was just fantastic to see them all do so well, welcome so many guests and share that amazing hospitality that is very much distinctive of Folklorama,” said Zoerb.

Nearly 20,000 volunteers helped facilitate Folklorama celebrations this year.

“Definitely a lot of success stories along the way, lots of really positive, great feedback. Everyone has been working so hard, the volunteers continue to amaze and astound me with their commitment and dedication.”

The numbers haven't been crunched yet to see how many people enjoyed the festival, but all 43 pavilions were well attended, Zoerb said.

Folklorama usually attracts around 400,000 pavilion visits a year.