Ice punctured a dike at the Winnipeg Rowing Club, allowing in floodwaters that damaged the building. ((Vic Bartel/CBC))

Members of the Winnipeg Rowing Club had been counting on a brand new, $70,000 dike to keep the club dry this spring.

They weren't banking on ice as well, however.

The club is prone to flooding, because it's in a low section of the Red River in the south end of the city.

On Friday, a large buildup of ice at the Norwood Bridge breeched the club's new barrier.

Vic Bartel, the club's vice president of house and grounds, said once the ice pierced the dike, water inundated the ground floor of the building.

"Some of the training boats that are actually sitting on the floor … they did float a little bit. We put some of those up on top of our coach boats, which are inside for the winter as well. But the actual rowing boats, the better ones, they are fine. They are on the racks and stuff. No damage to that at all."

Bartel said city workers came to help close the breech in the dike, and crews are monitoring the pumps around the clock.