The City of Winnipeg is sending mosquito fogging trucks across the city on Saturday night, including Assiniboine Park and many neighbourhoods in the south and southwest.

Fogging will take place between 9:30 p.m. Saturday and 6:30 a.m. Sunday, weather permitting, in the following insect management areas:

  • Area 11 —​ Glenwood, Norwood East, Norwood West.
  • 12 — Archwood, Maginot, Niakwa Park, Stock Yards, Windsor Park.
  • 14 — Kingston Crescent, Minnetonka, Norberry, Pulberry, Victoria Crescent.
  • 18 — Maple Grove Park, Normand Park, River Park South, St. Vital Centre, Vista.
  • 20 - La Barriere, Parc La Salle, Perrault, Richmond Lakes, St. Norbert, Trappistes, Turnbull Drive.
  • 21 — Agassiz, Cloutier Drive, Fort Richmond, Montcalm, University.
  • 22 — Fairfield Park, Richmond West, Waverley West, Waverley Heights, Bridgwater Centre, Bridgwater Forest, Bridgwater Lakes, Bridgwater Trails, South Pointe.
  • 23 — Tuxedo Industrial, West Perimeter South, Whyte Ridge, Wilkes South.
  • 24 — Brockville, Buffalo, Chevrier, Linden Ridge, Lindenwoods, Pembina Strip, West Fort Garry Industrial.
  • 25 — Beaumont, Crescent Park, Maybank, Parker, Point Road, Wildwood.
  • 26 — Betsworth, Ridgewood South, River West Park, Roblin Park, Southboine, Westdale.
  • 27 — Elmhurst, Eric Coy, Marlton,  Ridgedale, Varsity View, Vialoux.
  • 28 — Assiniboine Park.
  • 29 — Edgeland, Old Tuxedo, South Tuxedo, Tuxedo.
  • 30 — Central River Heights, J.B. Mitchell, Mathers, Sir John Franklin, South River Heights.
  • 31 — Crescentwood, North River Heights, Wellington Crescent.
  • 32 — Earl Grey, Ebby Wentworth, Grant Park, McMillan, Rockwood, Roslyn.
  • 33 — Lord Roberts, River - Osborne, Riverview.

Check out a map of all the insect management areas on the city's website.

The city says it will carry out fogging of adult nuisance mosquitoes every day, during the same overnight period, until further notice.

Fogging won't take place if the temperature falls below 13 C and/or if it's too windy.

Fogging crews will use the insecticide Pro Malathion ULV, which has been approved for use in Canada by Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency, according to officials.