Allegations of mistreatment of prisoners at the Winnipeg Remand Centre have led to multiple investigations, according to provincial officials.

The centre, which detains people charged with criminal code offences, was recently the subject of an investigation by provincial authorities.

In that case, which arose about two weeks ago, the province said that staff at the centre have been disciplined for the mistreatment of a remanded prisoner.

Details on the case were also forwarded to the Winnipeg police department, for them to investigate.

Since then, the province says information has come to light about similar instances of alleged inmate mistreatment.

An internal investigation is underway.

"These allegations continue to be investigated internally and, if the facts warrant, they will also be referred to the Winnipeg Police Service," the province said in a media release.

The province has also asked a federal agency, the Correctional Service of Canada, to conduct a broader review of the remand centre's operation once the internal review is finished.

The media release added that officials remain confident with the overall work of staff at the Winnipeg Remand Centre.

"The province believes strongly that WRC staff are committed to performing their duties in an appropriate and professional manner, and that the actions of a few do not and should not reflect negatively on the values and ethics of our staff generally," the release said.