The City of Winnipeg says it’s making progress in diverting waste from the Brady Landfill.

In 2011, about 18 per cent of waste was diverted from the landfill through recycling and yard waste programs.

But in 2013, that number jumped to 28 per cent.

“The recycling and yard waste are at all-time highs as far as tonnage and material collected,” said Randy Park, with the city’s water and waste department. “Garbage is as low as what it was back in the late 1990s, so that’s really a plus.”

Park attributes the drop in waste going to the landfill at least in part to the city’s new garbage collection program.

“Abandoned waste [has] dropped significantly, and we think a lot has to do with removing the autobins [and] having standardized collection throughout the city,” said Park, who admitted there have been bumps along the way including issues with missed garbage pick-up.

He said equipment freezing up and a spike in yard waste caused problems, but the kinks in the system are being worked out.

“When you actually look at the numbers, you really can appreciate how the residents of this city have really adopted this program and are really being patient,” said Park. “They’re the ones that are really driving these numbers and driving the success of the diversion rate.”