There’s at least one place in Winnipeg where people aren't disappointed and miserable about the extended, extra-cold winter.

The Riverview Community Centre has been able to keep its outdoor rink open longer than ever before. The previous record was March 28.

To celebrate, the community centre held a game of shinny at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Danny Schur, one of the volunteers who keeps the rink going, says he expects big crowds at the mid-week game.

“All the guys I play with are like, ‘I’m taking that day off just to come do that! I’m bringing my son!’” he said. “So, yeah, there’s going to be a few people out there.”

Schur said he’s in the same boat.

“One more opportunity to get out on the ice with my 10-year-old is just too good to pass up.”

Tuesday's expected daytime high in Winnipeg is –7 C, well below the normal of 6 C for this time of year, according to Environment Canada.

But there's good news: the mercury should rise later this week, with a daytime high of 9 C expected on Sunday.