A Winnipeg real estate broker who is being sued in connection with a number of real estate investments made a court appearance on Wednesday.

David Douglas appeared in court without a lawyer. The case on Wednesday involves a client who is suing Douglas for $1.7 million.

In court, Douglas told the judge he has a new lawyer and asked to have the case adjourned until Friday, when his lawyer can be there.

Douglas is appealing a partial judgment against him for more than $260,000.

The Manitoba Securities Commission, which regulates the real estate profession, told CBC News it began an investigation into complaints against Douglas last April.

A commission spokesperson said that with Douglas's consent, the commission placed controls on his real estate broker registration last May to monitor his activities during the investigation.

"The controls limit his access to deposit or trust monies that are paid as part of a real estate transaction, and require him to regularly report his activities to the MSC," the spokesperson said in a written statement to CBC News.