A Winnipeg man has accepted an apology from a local pub after a bill identified him and his girlfriend as the "last weirdos."

Bryan Douglas said he and his girlfriend were out with 40 friends on Thursday night at The Wood Tavern and Grill.

"We were just a group of people sitting around, talking, listening to the music," Douglas told CBC News.

Douglas said he was taken aback when he noticed the derogatory remark.

A spokesperson for the restaurant told CBC News they are embarrassed by the incident and that the employee in question has been appropriately disciplined.

They've offered an apology to Douglas, and he's accepted.

Still, he said, the experience has taught him a lot.

"It has opened my eyes to what people can say and what does get said when you're not paying attention," he said. 

However, Roger Le Bleu, the owner of Lovey's BBQ in Winnipeg, says a restaurant shouldn't be judged by the actions of an individual employee.

"You can't be there every minute of the day to censor what they're saying, what they're doing or how they act," he said.

Customer Brent Harris said the apology was warranted: "You're just out to have a good time with your family and you get insulted?"

In December, a similar case made global headlines when an employee at a restaurant in California labelled three women as "fat girls."

With files from the CBC's Kiran Dhillon