Winnipeg principal mad 30 km/h limits don't extend to Portage Ave

A Winnipeg school principal is not happy about Winnipeg's new reduced speed school zones.
The 30km/h speed limit past Edmonton elementary schools is likely to apply in front of junior high schools as well by September 2017. (Katie Nicholson/CBC)

A Winnipeg school principal is not happy about the city's new reduced speed school zones.

Andrew Mead, principal of George Waters Middle School, said he’s mad because the speed in front of his school has not been lowered to 30 kilometres an hour.

The new speed limits don't apply on regional streets like Portage Avenue, where George Waters Middle School is located.

Mead said his students face danger every day and that the reduced speed limit should be extended to all schools.

"I wish I could change it, but it's a major road in our city and tough to do,” said Mead. “I wish the traffic would be more aware that this is a school and there's little people walking around and they do silly things sometimes."           

Mead said almost every year a student is hit by a car while crossing Portage Avenue near Ferry Road.

“We've got lots of kids that cross Portage Avenue right during the middle of rush hour, before and after school," said Mead. "It's not the safest place for them."