Canada Post workers in Winnipeg headed out in the freezing temperatures this weekend to hand out petitions in an effort to save door-to-door delivery. 

The organization announced in December that it will be making cuts, which will include a reduction in home mail service. 

Instead, community mailboxes will be used in cities to cut down on costs. 

Todd Jarema is a letter carrier and says he has received a lot of public support.

"I guess it's the future of Canada Post that's at stake," said Jerema. "It's a trusted institution. Door-to-door delivery is a large part of that and a lot of people depend on that." 

Zoe St. Aubim signed the petition even though she lives in an apartment building and the change will not affect her. 

"I think it's important to have a more cohesive plan that incorporates people with disabilities and aging population that is the baby boomers," said St.Aubim. 'It just seems a little harsh."

The changes will happen over the next five years.