Young entrepreneurs can pitch their products at a pop-up store that officially opened in downtown Winnipeg today.

The Downtown Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator, located in the Portage Place skywalk, aims to raise the profile of young professionals trying to get their businesses off the ground.

Giving young entrepreneurs a space downtown will give them a huge advantage, said Scott MacAulay, a business instructor at Red River College.

"This is a great way to do it — get right in front of customers right away, see what works, see what doesn't," he said.

"In the past it'd be … if you wanted to start a retail establishment, you'd need to find $200,000 from a bank [and] probably have your parents co-sign it."

Seven young entrepreneurs have currently operating in the space: Delicious Kicks, EPH Apparel, Lennard Taylor, Oi Furniture, Synonym Art Consultation, The Bannock Factory and DigiPlus.

"We are entrepreneurs as of three years ago and we'd like to help spur some future entrepreneurship," said Alex Ethans, EPH Apparel's co-founder and director of sales.

"This community really needs it. It's good for the city. We want to support local, as does everybody else here."

The pop-up store is a pilot project that will be at Portage Place for the next three weeks.