If you're thinking of drinking and driving over the remaining holidays, Winnipeg police say you're heading for trouble.

Three weeks into the check-stop program, 44 people have been charged with DUI, 10 this week alone. And it's not like they're only over the limit by a little, police say. Some offenders are blowing up to three times the legal limit.

"Regardless of who they are and size and ability to process alcohol, that's significant and that's getting pretty scary," one officer said.

There are plenty of alternatives, police say, including public transportation, taxis and  Operation Red Nose, a safe ride program.

Sharra Hinton, who coordinates the program, is gearing up for three more busy nights.

 "Operation Red Nose has been going amazingly well this year," Hinton said. "There's been a great demand out there."

This December, more than 2,000 people have arrived home safely thanks to the program. Hinton said they expect to field 250 calls on New Years Eve, but they need more help.

"To make it all happen we need about 150 volunteers and right now I have about 60 so we have a ways to go yet," Hinton said. "If they don't get drivers soon people will be waiting a long time for a safe ride home.

 "Then they start looking for another way home — they start driving home, which is not what we want them to do"

Stefan Braun told CBC News he won't be drinking and driving on New Year's Eve.

"Everyone I know lives within a couple blocks, so I can walk everywhere. If not, I can take a cab," he said, adding he understands why people try to justify driving after a few drinks.

"It's the festive season, everybody thinks they can get away with it" he said. "You know, it could just be a couple blocks, but you know there's check stops everywhere, so don't be an idiot."

Check stops continue tonight. Police will release the names of those charged in a week's time.