Winnipeg police officer rescues woman from river

A Winnipeg police officer waded into the Red River to rescue a woman on Monday.

A Winnipeg police officer waded into the Red River to rescue a woman on Monday.

Police were called about a woman in the water, near Bishop Grandin Boulevard and River Road, at about 8:30 a.m.

The first officer on the scene found the woman standing in the river about 12 feet from shore.

More police units were requested but the officer, concerned about the woman being in the fast-moving water, began immediately to try getting her out.

He attempted to engage her in conversation but she was uncommunicative.

Unsure of her intentions and worried for her, the officer waded out into the river and was able to take hold of her and bring her back to shore.

"While in normal conditions the river can be a hazardous place, with the high water levels, fast moving current and additional debris it is especially treacherous at this time," police said in a press release.

"The Winnipeg Police Service would like to take this opportunity to thank citizens who take it upon themselves to notify police of these types of incidents and perhaps prevent an unnecessary tragedy."