The models in this calender didn't have to get in shape or don a swimsuit before striking a pose, and yet their pictures couldn't be cuter.

Miss November, for instance, is a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois named Veyda.


Veyda, a 2-year-old Belgin Malinois, is 'Miss November' in the 2014 Winnipeg Police Canine Calendar launched Wednesday. Veyda is the newest member of the service's canine unit. (CBC)

Winnipeg Police launched the 2014 Winnipeg Police Canine Calendar Wednesday.

It features some of the 23 police service dogs in the unit. They are trained to do a wide variety of police work, from tracking and catching suspects to narcotic and explosive detection, and are responsible for hundreds of arrests each year. 

Veyda is the newest member, hitting the streets two months ago. 

Her handler, Const. Dave Weisz, said her skills include being able to search for seven different drugs.

But he said the calendar lets people see another side of the dogs.  

"When people see the canine unit, they're obviously, like, 'that looks like a mean dog.'  But my dog, Veyda, she's very social right now. Some of the dogs obviously aren't social and they get to the point where some people aren't really comfortable around (them). So it's good to have them in the calender to say, there's a different side to them," he said.

Proceeds of the calendars, which cost $15, go to the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Const. Eric Hofley said it was really the only way to go.

"This is a charitable thing and the Winnipeg Humane Society, from the canines' perspective, is a worthy beneficiary of this money," he said. 

The calendars are available at all Petland locations, the Winnipeg Humane Society, Monart, 9567 St. Mary's Road and the Red Top Drive In, 219 St. Mary's Road.