Winnipeg police say white collar crime is on the rise, so the police have teamed up the West End BIZ and the Exchange District BIZ to give people the tools to fight back.

It's called the Crime Prevention Handbook. In it's 26 pages are tips to protect yourself from con artists.

Fraud handbook

Gloria Cardwell-Hoepner of the West End Biz speaks at Friday’s press conference for the launch of a crime prevention handbook for fraud prevention month. The Biz is putting the handbook out in partnership with the Winnipeg police. (Caroline Barghout/CBC)

There is a section for businesses on what to do if you're robbed, but mostly it gives Winnipeggers advice on how to prevent identity theft and falling victim to fraud.

Winnipeg police Sgt. Stan Parag says personal information is often taken from discarded mail and then used to steal identities.

"Use a shredder," he said. "Shred your mail, especially when you have your bills, and credit card numbers and so on."

Police repeated the old rule of thumb when it comes to fraud; if an offer appears too good to be true, it probably is.