Winnipeg police arrested one of Edmonton’s ‘most wanted’ on Friday who has 40 outsanding warrants.

Police arrested the 33-year-old who was living in the St. Boniface area.

The man is being held at the provincial Remand Centre until he can be returned to Alberta’s capital.

The Manitoba Integrated Warrant Apprehension Unit received information on Thursday from the targeted offenders section of the Edmonton Police Service about one of their “most wanted” who was living in Winnipeg. The man’s outstanding warrants were for:

  • 2 violence related offences
  • 15 Breach of Court Orders
  • 8 Fail to Appear charges
  • 3 Trafficking offences
  • 5 Weapons related offences
  • 3 Possession of a Firearm Contrary to Order
  • 4 Proceeds of Crime offences

The man was arrested without incident.