Winnipeg police want to tap into a new high-tech way to tracesuspects after they leave a crime scene.

This year's proposed capital budget, which was presented to council on Friday, includes $250,000 for software that could help police track palm prints.

The software will allow police officers to search a computer database in much the same way as they do for fingerprints.

Police Chief Jack Ewatski said Monday that until now, officers who picked up palm prints at a crime scene had to scan the database manually.

"Sometimes fingerprints are left, sometimes they're not. Sometimes partial prints are left, sometimes palm prints are left, sometimes footprints are left," Ewatski said, after appearing before a city committee that is examining the budget.

"It's ensuring that our forensic identification specialists are able to seize all the evidence at a scene and have the tools to be able to try to match that evidence to the perpetrator."

Council will vote on the budget on Jan. 25.