Aurora, an 11-month-old orphaned polar bear that came to the Winnipeg zoo in October, will undergo dental surgery on Tuesday.

polar bear cub

Assiniboine Park Zoo said Monday the 11-month-old orphaned cub that arrrived last week will be called 'Kaska.' (CBC)

A team of veterinarians at Assiniboine Park Zoo will perform the procedure, which will involve a tooth removal and possibly a root canal.

The team will be led by Dr. Colleen O’Morrow, who helped with dental procedures for Huey the wolverine at the zoo in 2010.

“Aurora is a healthy young bear and correcting her dental issues will be a fairly routine procedure. That said, if left unattended, they could cause serious problems for her in the future,” said Chris Enright, head of veterinary services at the zoo.

“Dr. O’Morrow is the only specialist of her kind in the province and we’re very pleased to have her performing the dental surgery with us.”

The procedure is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Newest cub is named

The 11-month-old female cub that arrived last week now has a name.

The Assiniboine Park Zoo said Monday she will be called ‘Kaska.’


Aurora is set to have a tooth pulled, and possibly get a root canal. (CBC)

The name is derived from the Kaskatamagan Wildlife Management Area, part of Shamattawa First Nation's traditional territory, the York Factory First Nation Resource Management Area.

“It’s very fitting for this cub to carry a name directly associated with the north and chosen by northern peoples,” said Dr. Brian Joseph, the zoo's director of zoological operations said in a new release.

“It’s a great way to acknowledge the origin of these animals and their significance to northern communities.”