Two months after a baby died in foster care the family is still no closer to finding out why.

Child and Family Services seized Matias de Antonio two days after he was born in February.

"They destroyed my life and my husband's life and all my family and I want justice," said Maria Burgos, Matias' mother.

The baby died from a lack of oxygen to the brain on March 27.

CFS Antonia de

A group called "CFS you're fired/Winnipeg" protest on the front lawn of the law courts in downtown Winnipeg Tuesday.

The mother got to see her son for one hour that day at a CFS office.

When she left, the boy was put in a car seat, covered in a blanket and then driven for 38 minutes on their way to a foster home.

By the time they arrived, the child was blue and later died.

The baby's mother and uncle, Carlos Burgos, met with the family services minister Tuesday but got no new answers.

"We don't even know why the baby was apprehended in the first place, so it's super frustrating," said Burgos.

A medical report into the baby's death stated the death was not intentional, but doesn't offer any other insight into what happened.

According to the report the infant was "thriving and feeding well prior to the incident."

"The driver reported hearing the infant crying once or twice during the trip," the report states.

The vehicle stopped at a Costco store, where the boy was found "blue, not breathing and unresponsive," though he had "no external signs of trauma."

The boy's death comes only months after the Phoenix Sinclair inquiry concluded.

People upset with CFS gathered to show support for Matias outside the Law Courts in downtown Winnipeg Tuesday. 

The protestors want CFS reformed, as does the family of Matias.