The trial of a Winnipeg police officer accused of kicking a man in custody so hard that he required emergency surgery resumed in Winnipeg on Monday.

Const. Ryan Law was charged with aggravated assault after Henry Lavallee was badly injured in a holding cell at the Public Safety Building in November 2008.

The trial began in November 2012, and heard testimony from victim Lavallee, who said he was later rushed to hospital and required 22 staples in his stomach.

Lavallee testified Law kicked him in the stomach, and shortly after he began vomiting and bleeding from his mouth and rectum.

Lavallee then had to undergo surgery for a ruptured colon.

The trial finally began in late 2012 but was delayed until Monday, when Dr. Ethel MacIntosh took the stand.

MacIntosh, a surgeon, confirmed she treated Lavallee for life-threatening injuries after the incident at the Public Safety Building. She said it was her opinion the injury was caused by “severe blunt trauma” to his abdominal wall within the previous 24 hours.

During a break in the proceedings on Monday, Lavallee told CBC news the trial has been an emotional process for him.

"I was nervous as heck — [I] never ate for two days, I was just, I don't know it was just hard to sleep," he said.

The case has now dragged for years, with Law being charged in the summer of 2009 and placed on administrative leave. Law had about three years on the force as an officer and has now spent more time on administrative leave than he has on duty.

“I just want to see justice get done for him,” said Lavallee.

Law’s defense lawyer refused to comment on the case.