The owner of a downtown nightclub said he had no idea a tiff between two groups of customers would turn deadly.

“I definitely did not think that things would escalate to the degree that they did,” said Jack Moslehi, owner of Opera Ultralounge in the Exchange District.

Moslehi was keeping a close eye on two groups of men.

He said they weren't fighting but he was concerned enough to have police called.

Opera ultralounge

Opera Ultralounge owner Jack Moleshi called the police, concerned a fight might break out between two feuding groups in the nightclub.

Moslehi said the men wanted to leave the night club about 20 minutes later.

“If one party wants to leave, my responsibility is to try and ensure their safety,” said Moleshi.

Police hadn't arrived, but Moslehi said he couldn't stop them.

Moslehi said he held one group back until the others had left.

Minutes later, 23-year-old Rustom Vito Paclipan was shot and killed on the street.

Moslehi maintained there was no way the murder weapon entered his club at any point in the night.

“It’s a virtual impossibility for that gun to have entered the site," said Moleshi." The protocol as you enter Opera Ultralounge is you’re ID’d first, then you walk inside, you’re patted down; every single person is patted down head to toe."

Moslehi added there are 36 cameras constantly recording everything happening inside and outside the club.

The club owner expressed regret at the way events transpired, but doesn't hold police accountable in any way.

"I’ve called out to the police numerous times for numerous things and they’ve been very on point; excellent guys, great guys, been here as quick as they can," said Moslehi. "I also understand that it’s the weekend and I know that they’re busy on weekends, that’s just how it is — it’s just sad that things went down the way they did.”