Norwood Flats residents are tired of driving over bumpy back lanes to get to their homes.

Paul Christensen lives in the Winnipeg community and said he has circulated a petition to get the city to pave the gravel lanes in his area.

So far, he has 400 signatures.

"Some people call it a war zone," he said. "The potholes are deep, filled with water. People’s cars are getting damaged!"

Christensen wants the city to cough up the money to fix the problem once and for all.

But Coun. Dan Vandal said the city can’t afford to pave everyone’s gravel lanes.

The city currently has about 87 kilometres of gravel back lanes, many of which are in St. Boniface and St. Vital.

Vandal said the city already spends about $170,000 each year on gravel lane maintenance, and an additional $1 million is spent to pave the worst ones.

"There’s a huge gravel back lane deficit," said Vandal. "There’s local streets, regional streets, sidewalks, river bank erosion -- so, there’s too many infrastructure priorities and not enough money to pay for them."

Christensen said the city is throwing that money away. "They should really be finding out a way to pave them," he said.

But Coun. Brian Mayes said it would cost the city about $100 million to pave every gravel lane in the city.

And residents do have the option of going through a local improvement process that splits the cost between neighbours.

"I was willing to consider $9,000, but 70 per cent of my neighbours said they can’t afford that," said Christensen.

Vandal said some changes could be in the works. The city is looking at using asphalt as a cheaper alternative to paving.

The public works committee will review a report on an amendment to the gravel back lane policy on Oct. 1.