Winnipeg's first-ever Muslim trade show took place Saturday, giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to network with each other and showcase their businesses.

Twenty-two businesses, all owned and operated by Muslims, were represented at the event held at the Grand Mosque on Waverley Street.

Among them were clothing import firms, cleaning businesses and a painting company that hired a number of people who arrived in Canada as refugees.

Event organizer Jesse Reitberger said the goal of the trade show was to highlight the value newcomers bring to Canada.

"We hear a lot of different stories on the news — most of them negative, to be quite frank — and these are everyday people as well," he said.

"They have businesses, they have families, they have homes [and] they have bills to pay," he said. "They've come here to essentially achieve all the same things that we here in Canada achieve on a daily basis."

A total of about 200 people attended the trade show.