A Winnipeg woman whose two children were abducted in 2008 issued a public plea on Tuesday for any help that could lead to their safe return.


Winnipeg police have released new images that show what Dominic Maryk, left, and his sister Abby may look like today. The children, who were seven and five years old when they were last seen in August 2008, are now 10 and nine years old, respectively. ((Winnipeg Police Service))

Emily Cablek has not seen her children, Dominic and Abby Maryk, since they left for a court-approved visit with their biological father, Kevin Maryk, in August 2008.

Winnipeg police say they believe Maryk abducted Dominic and Abby — who were seven and five years old at the time — and removed them from Canada.

"I miss seeing their smiles. I miss not knowing if they're going to enjoy what I put in their lunches," an emotional Cablek told reporters in Winnipeg on Tuesday.

"I miss hearing them argue because to hear their voices, even arguing, would be a blessing right now."

Canada-wide arrest warrants have been issued for Maryk and two other men police believe may have helped in the abduction: Cody McKay, who is Maryk's nephew, and Robert Groen, who they describe as an associate.

The children's vacation with Kevin Maryk was approved by the court, even though their mother has legal custody.

On Tuesday, police released age-progression photographs that show what the children, now 10 and nine, would look like today.


Canada-wide arrest warrants have been issued for Kevin Maryk, left, Cody McKay, centre, and Robert Groen. Police say McKay and Groen may have helped in the children's abduction. ((Winnipeg Police Service))

Both police and Cablek say they believe there are people — friends, family members or acquaintances — who may know the whereabouts of Dominic and Abby.

Police said some people may also be helping Kevin Maryk and the children stay hidden from the authorities by providing shelter or financial support.

"I miss them so much. I've been trying my hardest to find them," Cablek said.

"I don't know if they understand why they're gone. I don't understand why they're gone."

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Dominic and Abby Maryk, Kevin Maryk, McKay or Groen is asked to contact the Winnipeg Police Service's missing persons unit at 204-986-6250.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information.