A Winnipeg mom is warning parents to carefully examine Halloween candy after she found a sewing needle poking out of a small chocolate bar her daughter collected on Saturday night.

Jennifer Tichborne said the candy's wrapper looked like it had been tampered with and when her daughter broke the chocolate bar in half, she saw the needle. Its eye still had thread attached.

"I freaked," Tichborne said.

"I didn't know what to think of that. I just couldn't believe I was actually looking at it."

Tichborne said she must have missed the candy when she first inspected what her daughter brought home. She posted pictures of the finding on Facebook so other parents would be reminded to check their kids' treats, too.

She called police to report the incident and officers told her to bring in the chocolate bar along with the needle and make a statement.

On Saturday night, Tichborne took her daughter trick-or-treating on all streets between Winnipeg's Strathcona and Clifton Streets and then between Dominion and Garfield Streets.

They also made their way between Sargent and Wellington Avenues and then from Wellington to Notre Dame Avenue.

There is no way of telling who's responsible, but Tichborne said the person should have just turned out their lights and not handed out candy if their plan was to hurt someone.

"They are clearly a very sick individual," she said.

"It's just wrong."