Members of the public were invited to meet Tobias Tuxington Thursday evening, a long-haired tuxedo cat who is running for mayor of Winnipeg.

Winnipeggers met Tobias at the Viscount Gort Hotel at "Meet the Catidate," the feline's first campaign event.

Lynne Scott, director of Craig Street Cats, said Tobias decided to run to promote awareness for Winnipeg's cat community and the problems it is currently facing.

"He’s looked around the city and he’s seen a great deal of neglect, particularly as pertains to Winnipeg’s community cats," said Scott.

"If elected, he is promising to help the cats by developing a comprehensive population control program that would include, but it is not limited to, access to low cost high volume spay and neuter clinics and adoption of trap-neuter-return as the primary method of population control of community cats.”

Scott said Tobias' run comes off the heels of an animal control city bylaw implemented last year that fell short and lacked a provision that takes community cats' best interests into account.

"Unfortunately there was no provision in the bylaw, so Tobias is running to raise awareness of the plight of community cats in Winnipeg and hopefully to be a focus for some change in the city.”

Tobias has decided to donate all of the proceeds from his campaign events to Craig Street Cats, a feral cat management and rescue program located on 489 Madison St that the mayoral candidate has called home for two years.

Tobias won't actually make it on the ballot, however, because city bylaws state candidates must be at least 18-years-old, and be a Winnipeg resident and Canadian citizen in order to run.