Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz says he's tired of waiting for a decision about the former Kapyong Barracks site, which has been in the middle of a lengthy court battle.

The Federal Court of Appeal is deciding whether Ottawa or a group of four Manitoba First Nations owns the land.

The First Nations argue that they have a claim to some or all of the former Canadian Forces base, which was declared surplus in 2004 after the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry was relocated to CFB Shilo near Brandon, Man.

The years-old court case has been holding up development of the site, which is believed to be valuable land nestled between the affluent Tuxedo and River Heights neighbourhoods.

On Wednesday, Katz and St. Norbert Coun. Justin Swandel introduced a motion to have city lawyers look into whether they can start negotiating with both sides in the dispute.

"Through that agreement process, whether it's with a servicing agreement with the First Nations or a development agreement with another development entity, we're able to take those lands. That's already created in law," Swandel said.

Both Katz and Swandel said the city needs part of the barracks land to expand Kenaston Boulevard, and something needs to happen soon.

"Doesn't make a difference who's going to be developing it, who's going to own it," said Katz.

"We know that we need a strip to basically add lanes on Kenaston and we'd like to get that put to bed once and for all."