Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz and some of the companies he has owned, including the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball team, are being sued by another company for breach of contract.

Lawyers for WOW Hospitality allege that Katz's companies did not live up to management and concession contracts they had signed in 2000 and 2003.


Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz says he doesn't understand why a lawsuit against him and some of his companies by WOW Hospitality would be filed at this time. (CBC)

WOW Hospitality's statement of claim says it has tried to negotiate a resolution since 2006.

Katz said while his lawyers are handling the case, he doesn't understand why the company would sue at this time.

"That's from six years ago. Why anybody would wait that period of time if they didn't agree with what was done, I certainly can't explain it," Katz said Monday.

In a separate lawsuit, Katz is being sued by local restaurateur Joe Chan, who claims that $2,900 in public money was spent on Christmas parties for city staff at Hu's Asian Bistro, a restaurant Katz owned at the time.

Chan is taking Katz to court under Manitoba's conflict-of-interest legislation. If the mayor is found to have violated the law, he could be removed from office.

Chan has called on Katz to return the money that was spent on the parties to the city.