Temperatures climb in southern Manitoba, but sky stays cloudy

Southern Manitoba's one-day mini cold snap is over and milder temperatures are moving back in — in fact, a big time warm up is on the way.

You won’t be using sunglasses very much for the rest of this week, as the skies will stay cloudy

Winnipeggers will be able to set the scarves aside over the next few days as temperatures are expected to climb. (Darren Bernhardt/CBC)

Southern Manitoba's one-day mini cold snap is over and milder temperatures are moving back in — in fact, a  big time warm up is on the way.

After a cold high of –16 C on Tuesday, Winnipeg should get up to –4 C on Wednesday and all the way to 2 C by Friday. That warm up also brings a messy mix of everything from wet snow to rain.

And you won't be using sunglasses very much for the rest of this week, as the skies will stay cloudy.
CBC meteorologist John Sauder's Wednesday weather forecast 0:46

Winnipeg forecast

  • High –4 C.
  • Mainly cloudy and breezy with a chance of flurries.
  • Wind southeast 20 km/h in the morning.
  • Wind south 30-40 km/h in the afternoon.
  • TONIGHT cloudy.
  • Risk of freezing rain.
  • Overnight low –7 C.

Normal temperatures for this time of year are a daytime high of –7 C and overnight low of –18 C.

John Sauder's extended forecast for Winnipeg. (John Sauder/CBC)


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