Manitoba skiers and snowboarders are drying off after celebrating spring early.

Stony Mountain Ski Area hosted the annual slush cup on Sunday, which involves skiing or snowboarding down the bunny hill and trying to travel across a pond of slushy water at the bottom of it.

It's the earliest slush cup that's ever been held and it's thanks to the above-seasonal temperatures, organizers say. Some of those who showed up to Stony Mountain on Sunday weren't expecting it, either.

"This is actually the first year we showed up here," said Odinn Simundsson.

"We didn't know what was happening.… The weather's nice, I needed a bath, it's just like a celebration that the spring is coming, the cold winter is over," he said.

While the warm weather made the slush cup possible on Sunday, it is not expected to stick around for long. The forecast says places in Manitoba, including Winnipeg, could see rain and snow with temperatures reaching zero again by mid-week.