A Winnipeg man woke up on Easter Sunday to find his home spray-painted with homophobic slurs.

Chris McNally lives in Winnipeg’s Brooklands neighbourhood and said he was disgusted when he came outside to find his home vandalized.

"[I was] just sick to my stomach that someone or some people can be like that still," said McNally.

He called the police and filed a report, but he has no idea who could have spray-painted his home.

McNally said he is openly gay and has never been the target of an attack like this before.

"I don’t have to hide who I am. So, they are obviously the people who have something to hide behind," said McNally.

Jeffrey Myall is with Pride Winnipeg. He said while Winnipeg is relatively open, homophobia remains a problem.

Myall said the graffiti constitutes a hate crime.

"Just based on the words that were used, which are considered hateful words, the way they were put on somebody’s private property, when somebody wasn’t looking, without someone’s permission — in my opinion it would be considered a hate crime," said Myall.

Police have not said whether or not they will be investigating the incident as a hate crime.

In the mean time, McNally is left with the cleanup.

He plans to host a painting party.

"I have some friends that are going to come over and help me cover it up," said McNally.