You can buy almost anything on the internet, and now you can buy all of a Winnipeg man's worldly possessions.

Gags Unlimited owner Kerry Hogan put all of his possessions up for sale on Kijiji this week for the hefty price tag of $1.1 million.

"I am selling my life. It comes with a house fit for a king," Hogan told CBC News on Wednesday.

Those willing to shell out that kind of money will get a massive house, car, boat, Sea-doo, and even Hogan's business on Osborne Street.

The ad says he wants to sell everything he owns — including his 12-year-old Yorkshire Terrier.

Hogan said the ad on the online buy and sell site is legitimate and not just a publicity stunt for his business.

The only part that isn't true, he says, is the offer of the dog.

"I'll do the bait and switch. That part was just for fun," he said.

So far the ad has received more than 32,000 hits. That may have something to do with another promise in Hogan's online ad — Canadian citizenship.

"I had one guy, it appears he might be from China, asking me to explain how I'm selling citizenship," said Hogan.

He said he's not exactly selling citizenship, but with the business and home, immigrants could enrol to become Canadian citizens. He said if they come and invest in the business, they'll be better eligible to earn citizenship.

Hogan said he's willing to sell everything he owns so he can purchase a small all-inclusive hotel in Mexico.

Two years ago, Hogan suffered a heart attack.

"I have a health issue. My business — I've been at it for 33 years — it's caused me a great deal of stress," said Hogan.

"It's time to change things up. I want to live forever."

He said if selling all his possessions together doesn't work, he'll also try to sell each item separately.

His house is currently on the market.