Alex Johnson scattered rose petals over the floor of a Winnipeg Transit bus on Wednesday night, practicing what he wanted to say when his girlfriend, Yuly Martinez, got on at the next stop.

"Yuly, you and I have been through a lot together," he started, directing his friend to start playing Shania Twain's You're Still The One at eight seconds into the song.

Johnson rented the bus — where he says he first saw Martinez — to propose to her.

"[It's] the place that I first laid eyes on my future wife," he told CBC.

That was in 2011 and for one whole year, Johnson and Martinez exchanged smiles but both of them were too nervous to speak to one another.

"[I couldn't believe] her smile and how beautiful of a woman she was," Johnson said.

"We would smile at each other, we would do everything that we could do at that very moment … I would you know, do the old lick of the lips once in a while … I would be childlike because I [was] in love."

Mutual feelings

"He was handsome," said Martinez, who is from Colombia.

"The first time I saw him … my sister sat beside him ... and I was talking in Spanish with my sister and someone came and asked what language we were speaking and then we said Spanish … He turns around and the first thing I see was his big, blue eyes and I just fell in love."

So naturally, when Johnson popped the question on Wednesday night, Martinez accepted.

"Yes, baby," she said, smiling.

Both Johnson and Martinez believe their story is one of fate: Following the first year they saw each other, Johnson moved to Winnipeg's Osborne Village and stopped taking the bus.

One year later, a friend invited him over to his home, a side-by-side in Winnipeg. 

Martinez lived in the other side, and Johnson saw her outside the house when he was on his way into his friend's.

"It was nothing but fate. It was completely meant to be. It was a work from a being higher than myself," he said.

"As much as I grew up I wasn't really one to say those types of things but this was … completely love at first sight."

The proposal was a combination of careful planning and sentimentality.

"I'm a very sentimental guy," Johnson said before getting on the bus on Wednesday. 

He acknowledged feeling nervous, and wore the same suit Martinez had picked out for him three years earlier, when he attended her Grade 12 graduation.

The ring he chose for her is symbolic of their lives the way Johnson sees it, too.

"Our lifestyle together is very wild. We're both very crazy people so when I saw this ring, I saw that it was kind of twined together so it reminded me of our relationship, all wild and crazy," he said.

Johnson rented the bus for two hours and he and his mother told Martinez they were taking her out for dinner, but didn't want to park downtown so Johnson's mother and Martinez would meet him on the bus.

While that's where the proposal took place, Johnson laughed when explaining that his family is too big and would not fit if they chose to actually marry there.

The wedding is planned for August.