At least one member of Winnipeg's Ukrainian community is having sleepless nights as he worries about the ongoing crisis — and the potential for war — in his home country.

Ihor Cap says he's been constantly watching the headlines in Ukraine, where many members of his extended family live.

"For me, it's Ukraine everyday — every morning, every night before I go to sleep," he said.

The stress of worrying about the conflict in Ukraine, and what Russia might do there, has brought sleepless nights and headaches to Cap and his wife.

"If it's not Tylenol, then Rolaids and Tums, and my wife … has terrible migraines," he said.

"We just both came back from doctor appointments…. I got back pains, and on and on it goes."

Cap said he and his family have booked a trip to Ukraine this June, but his biggest fear is the possibility that war may erupt in the region.

"My mom has been through a famine genocide in '32-33 and 7 million Ukrainians died there, another 7 million during the war," he said.

"We don't want to see war again."

Click on the video player above to watch Cap's conversation with the CBC's Jill Coubrough.