A second person wants to join a conflict-of-interest lawsuit against Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz.

Community activist Shane Nestruck has filed an application to be included in a case against the mayor.

The suit was filed in January 2012 against Katz, alleging he was in a conflict of interest for hosting a Christmas parties for city staff at Hu’s Asian Bistro, a restaurant he owned at the time.

The city picked up the $2,900 tab for the events.


Another person is hoping to join the conflict-of-interest lawsuit against Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz. (CBC)

Winnipeg restaurant owner Joe Chan filed the original lawsuit.

Chan, who owns Cathay House on Regent Avenue, has called on Katz to return the money that was spent on the parties to the City of Winnipeg.

In December 2012, Chan said Katz offered to settle the case, but Chan refused.

Nestruck said in his application to join the suit that he wanted to show that there was more than one person concerned about the alleged conflict of interest.

The application said Nestruck wanted to join the suit because he was particulary concerned about "the apparent conflict of interest when the mayor hosts a Christmas party at his own restaurant and has the City of Winnipeg pay for it."

The suit is one of two Katz is currently facing.

Katz and some of the companies he has owned, including the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball team, are being sued by WOW Hospitality for breach of contract.

The company’s lawyers allege they have been trying to negotiate a resolution with Katz since 2006.

As for Chan’s suit, a hearing is scheduled for April. If Katz is found in violation of conflict-of-interest legislation, he could be removed from office.