Winnipeg magician Darcy Oake's dreams are materializing after a death-defying bear trap escape on one of the biggest TV shows in the United Kingdom.

Oake, 26, has signed on with one of the largest talent agencies in the world, Creative Artists Agency, after finishing fifth in the finale of Britain's Got Talent.

"The guy who is One Direction's agent is now my agent. He saw it and he was like, 'you're a rock star, we need you. We want you,'" Oake told CBC News on Tuesday.

The son of Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster Scott Oake was one of 10 finalists vying for the grand prize of 250,000 British pounds (about C$456,000) on Britain's Got Talent.

He reached the final of the talent competition by wowing the judges with illusions involving doves — making them appear and multiply, then making them disappear and be replaced by a woman.

He moved into the semi-finals and prompted a standing ovation when he performed a teleportation illusion that began with him sitting on a chair on a platform, covering himself with a sheet, then disappearing and re-appearing as part of the camera crew.

In his final performance he was suspended upside down in a straight-jacket, hanging in the middle of 16 serrated blades of an open bear trap. He had to escape before the burning rope holding open the jaws of the trap let go.

He did it, dropping to the stage one-second before the jaws slammed shut, but Oake told CBC he doesn't plan to ever do that one again saying it's too dangerous.

He performed the escape on Saturday but the buzz about it kept viewers going back to YouTube, making it the most-watched video on Monday.

Although he has hit the big time and is being recognized on the streets of London Oake said he'll still play small shows in Winnipeg where it all began.

"This is just what I needed to propel my career forward but by no means am I above any gigs. Winnipeg is amazing and it was the best place for me to start because of all these little shows I did," he said.

"It will always be home."