Some Winnipeg lawns are crawling with ants this year and it's keeping a local pest control company busy.

Lincoln Poulin of Poulin's Pest Control said they're treating upwards of 30 lawns a week for ants, which is higher than usual.

He said the numbers are on the rise because the pesticide they use to use was banned.

"They don't last as long, now we have to maybe do two or three treatments over the season,” said Poulin. “Before we would be able to do one treatment and it would last a season."

One of the best defences against an ant-ridden yard is to keep lawns healthy, Poulin said.

"Aerate it once or twice a year and that will help prevent ants from moving in."       

He said if you do have ants to disturb the hill, put down insecticide dust and water it lightly.